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Geoff’s Preserved Olives
Preserved Olives

Geoff Dervishian’s Preserved Olives

Geoff Dervishian’s Preserved Olives



Serves 25 people

Prep time:

7 days, intermittent

Cook time:


Total time:

7 days, intermittent


1 small basket of freshly-picked olives
1.5 cups of salt
1 quart of red vinegar


  • A sharp knife, cutting board, large bowl or beverage dispenser, old pickle or olive jars


1. Rinse olives in a colander.
2. Fill a large bowl or beverage dispenser with water.
3. Make one small cut into the flesh of one side of each olive and place it in the water.
4. Rinse and refresh the water each day for seven days.
5. Taste the olives on day seven; if they are still too bitter, continue rinsing the water each day until they have the right amount of bitterness to suit your taste.
6. Combine one gallon water, the salt and the vinegar to make a brine.
7. Place the olives in they jars, and fill the jars with the brine.
8. Pour enough olive oil over the olives to cover them before sealing the jars.
9. Store the jars in your refrigerator until ready to eat.


  On Episode 2 of Jul’s Armenian Kitchen, Geoff and I ate a jar that had been in his fridge for two years. You can also store them in your pantry, but Geoff cannot vouch for how long they will keep. So if you go the pantry route, enjoy them in good time.